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I have over 12 years of experience creating award-winning websites that get results. With 13 years before that as a writer/producer/director, mostly in television commercials.

What I Bring To The Table (besides the chips and soda)

Cornucopia. I provide all creative and technical skills necessary including: domain setup, graphic design, web design, JavaScript and CGI Perl programming, search engine optimization, site promotion, and staff training. Phew!

Clicks. The facts speak for themselves, I know how to get really, really good natural search engine results and other quality traffic.

Concise. I can say a lot in few words - important in the "quick-scan" world of the Internet.

Clean. My sites are easy on the eyes, a breeze to navigate, quick to load, simple to update, with maximum browser/system compatibility.

Customized. Every site is built from scratch for a unique look & feel, to meet your specific goals. No cookie-cutters here.

Cost Conscious. Working at very competitive rates, I will be happy to put together a comprehensive start-to-finish package that will pleasantly surprise you. Ask me how!

And Please...
Don't judge me too harshly based on this website alone. Fortunately, my schedule is kept full working on "real" sites, not tinkering with this exercise in self-glorification. ;-) Besides, it always makes me suspicious when a designer's personal web page is better than anything they do for their clients.

For a comprehensive view of my work, please view my port-philio.