phantastic rankings

50% of web users don't go beyond the first page of search results. So if you're not in the Top 10, many of your potential customers won't even know you exist.

I have a 20+ year track record of attaining exceptional organic search engine results. No tricks, no spam and nothing that will get you penalized or banned. Just good clean SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and site promotion.

The following examples are all from Google, by far and away the most important search engine with two-thirds of the market share. Yahoo is a distant second with 12% and Bing third with 11%. All rankings are after Google's pay-per-click advertising and local map results, which do not count as part of the organic search results.

Playing With The Big Boys
Fantasy sports is an extremely competitive market, with many media heavyweights (ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, and the NFL) all in on the action. I ran between 2000 and 2010. Just look at the number of web pages I was competing against for some of these searches.
fantasy football leagues - #10 out of 5.6 million results
fantasy baseball leagues - #5 out of 6.4 million results

You want to talk about reaching for the stars?
blind motors - #4 out of 30.6 million results
shade motors - #6 out of 29.1 million results

Ruidoso Malinois
protection dogs for sale - #4 out of 63.6 million results

Localized SEO
I excel at localized SEO, getting targeted results for brick-and-mortar stores servicing a limited geographic area. Targeted keyphrases comprise of a major city plus their product line (see below). These are extremely valuable, representing active consumers looking for products and services in their local area.

Advanced Blind & Shade
santa cruz blinds - #3 out of 1.9 million results
monterey shades - #5 out of 5.3 million results

Story Book Cabins
ruidoso cabins - #8 out of 3.1 million results

While search engine optimization is an open-ended venture - there's always something that can be done to eek out the best possible results - most clients can't afford to have me constantly fiddling with their site. So I aim to give the biggest bang for the buck, focusing on those optimization techniques that will provide the greatest long-term impact at a reasonable cost.

I can never guarantee results. If you have to be #1 tomorrow, be prepared to invest in a good pay-per click campaign at 10 cents to $5 a click, depending upon the keyphrase. I can manage that for you too.

For best results, contact me as early in the process as possible, even before you select a domain name. Even if you intend for someone else to design the site, get me in on it from the beginning. There are cases where I've had to fix other people's mistakes and it's ended up costing more than if I had built the site from scratch myself. This is not an ego thing, it truly is a big deal. There are site designs that are so search engine unfriendly that I've had to tell several prospective clients, "Trash everything you've done and rebuild the entire site or I won't take the job." No matter what I do, or how many hours I put in, I know the chances for even minimal success are nil. I can't take that money in good concscience, nor am I willing to risk putting my professional reputation on the line for what I know is a project doomed to failure. Finally, please allow for time. It can take several months for a site to be fully indexed by search engines other than Google and for improvement in results to be noticed. And then a further 2-3 years for the rankings to finally plateau.